Sebastian Rivera

Peer Mentor


Major and Minor

Communication Studies

Minor in Education


Campus Involvements

Study Abroad (UCEAP)



Sebastian Rivera, a first-generation transfer student, is in his fourth year of undergraduate studies at UCSB. He was born and raised in the Bay Area (San Jose) and has a strong connection to his Mexican culture (Sonora and Durango), which he visits whenever possible. His passion is working with children, specifically making a difference in the education system after firsthand experience with special education students. At UCSB, he will be studying abroad during Winter and loves to attend UCSB sports events. He enjoys traveling, going to concerts, listening to music, taking photos, and creating memories with friends and family.


First-Gen Advice

Imposter Syndrome? Everyone goes through it; what distinguishes us, first-generation students, from other is the guilt we place on ourselves for leaving our homes, not being able to support our families, or being an additional financial burden to our families. As somone who has felt and continues to feel the same way, my advice is that your family is proud of the obstacles we have overcome and will continue to conquer our goals for ourselves and our families (Eres su orgullo). The struggle and guilt are only temporary, but the path you have set for future generations, as well as the goals you have achieved, are eternal.