Megan Sun

Peer Mentor (2022-2023)



Microbiology and Philosophy


Campus Involvements

Undergraduate Research Assistant at NOISE Lab under the UCSB Earth Science Department and at the Rothman Lab under UCSB MCDB Department



Megan is a first generation student in her third year at UCSB and also identifies as part of the queer community. Having spent her entire first year online and in Isla Vista, she quickly learned just how difficult the college experience was and has since been inspired to help others navigate university life. In her free time, Megan likes to binge all sorts of media, paint, cook, and especially eat green grapes.  


First-Gen Advice

It’s easy to slip into a habit of keeping quiet about your problems, fearing it will bother others too much or that you are too far along in your problems for anyone to help. Ask for help, your professors, your teachers assistants, all the faculty, there are unlimited resources and people who will more than gladly help you. You just need to reach out. Take that first step, and know that it does not make you any less of an independent person. The OSC peer mentors are an easy and available resource, so feel free to come visit us!