Edgar Gonzalez Martinez

Peer Mentor (2021-2022)


Gender Pronouns: He/Him/É

Campus Involvements: SHPE Los Ingenieros, Promise Scholars, UCSB Society of Automotive Engineers

Major: Mechanical Engineering & Certification from the Technology Management Program 

Biography: Edgar is a 3rd-year Mechanical Engineering major, who is also a part of the Technology Management Program. He is Mexican-American and is from Fillmore, California located in Ventura County. He has participated in research programs in both the Mechanical and Electrical/Computer Engineering fields as an intern. Furthermore, he is a Promise Scholar and is also a mentor for the program. For fun, Edgar enjoys fixing guitars, 3D Printing, or tinkering with anything that has a mechanical component to it. He also enjoys playing and listening to various genres of music including mariachi, jazz, and rock. 

Advice for First-Generation College Students:

First-Generation students are in an interesting conundrum. As First-Generation students, we are always told by our parents and families to work hard. In reality, we really don’t really know what that looks like or how to go about that. What that means to me is to think of the University as a resource. You must go out of your way to get knowledge from your peers, professors, staff, and many others to further not only your education but your growth as a person. While that's easy to say on paper, I would like to add that in order to put that into practice every day, or écharle ganas as my parents might say, you must also practice self-care and put time aside for yourself, so that every day feels like a new day.