Wendy Paz

Peer Mentor


Major and Minor


Minor in Education & Poverty, Inequality, and Social Justice


Campus Involvements

MUJER de UCSB, Promise Scholar, MCC Jackson Social Justice Intern, Disabled Students Program



Wendy is a first-gen third year undergrad student at UCSB. She is a Sociology major with minors in Education and PISJ. She was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and is Central American. Her interests at UCSB surround building community, advocacy and social justice, and supporting youth. Her non-academic interests include watching movies and TV, reading, beauty related things, and eating out. She is very excited to connect with and support our first-gen community in her role as a peer mentor at ONDAS!


First-Gen Advice

It is okay not to feel okay. Always try to be gentle with yourselves. Don't compare your journey to others, we each are navigating this life in different ways. It is okay to ask for help and support. Invest time in doing things that bring you joy. You are worthy and have a place here. Remember that the first-gen community is always rooting and here for you.