Stephanie Nguyen

Peer Mentor



Biological Sciences B.S. & Environmental Studies B.S.


Campus Involvements

CLAS General Chemistry Tutor, SB Hacks Organizer, Research Assistant for Healthy Beverage Initiative (HBI), Research Assistant at CITRAL



Stephanie is a 4th year, first-gen, Vietnamese-American student from Buena Park, California. Her academic interests lie in how to make the future a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable place. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games & board games, hanging out with friends, and cooking. After a year of remote learning and as a senior, Stephanie is excited to make the most of her last year. 


First-Gen Advice

College is a time of exploration and growth! Put yourself out there, try new things, and meet different people. It’s okay to not feel ready and when facing setbacks, be gentle with yourself; it’s a part of life. Also take time finding your community, having a social support system goes a long way!