Sergio Fernando Conde

Peer Mentor (2017-2019)


Gender Pronouns: He/Him/Ze

Major: Physics - Technology Management Program

Minor: Philosophy 


Campus Affiliation: Physics Circus



Born and raised in Tlaxcala, Mexico, Sergio's journey in the U.S started in the South Bay of Los Angeles, California. As the oldest in the family, he is the first to pursue a college education. His constant pursuit for explanations and curiosity about the world led him to seek a degree in Physics at UCSB. However during his time here, his curiosity led him to take and audit courses in different departments throughout campus, specially those in the humanities. He found these courses essential to shaping his personality. As he states, "it is enriching getting out of one's bubble to learn about the different aspects of the world, for during this process you learn more about yourself." Throughout the years, he was  involved in many outreach programs focused on first generation, low income, minority students, and is passionate about helping these students pursue and receive a college education. In his last year at UCSB, he is finishing up the Technology Management Program, following a long time passion to make his own business one day. One of his favorite subjects in physics is Quantum Mechanics. He hopes to work in Quantum computing technology in the future while being actively involved in helping young underrepresented students pursue a career in STEM.