Nancy Lara

Peer Mentor (2021-2022)


Gender Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

Campus Involvements:  Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), The Sociology of Honors Program, School Kids Investigating Language in Life and Society (SKILLS) Volunteer. 

Major: Major in Sociology and Minoring in Education

Biography: Nancy is a 4th-year, first-gen, queer, non-traditional student from the heart of Los Angeles. She transferred from Santa Monica College (SMC) with an Associates degree in Sociology and previously worked in the education field as a Teacher’s Assistant at an elementary school. Outside of academic settings, she enjoys being outdoors by working out, biking, and trying out new foods. Nancy feels very enthusiastic to speak to students and provide an open space during their year! 

Advice for First-Generation College Students:

Sometimes as a first-gen, we tend to put pressure on ourselves to be fully independent.! However, I think it is actually the opposite -- it is SO important to ask for guidance navigating college because there are many programs/resources waiting to be used that is exclusively for you! Take advantage of asking for help from guidance counselors or peer mentors about anything! You are never alone, the ONDAS team, EOP, TSC, and all other programs are here to help navigate college life -- whether it is academically, socially, or mentally.