Maria Hernandez Lopez

Peer Mentor


Major and Minor

Political Science

Minor in Poverty, Inequality, & Social Justice


Campus Involvements

AS Pardall Center Governance Board Chairperson, AS S.C.O.R.E co-outreach director, EOP peer mentor



Maria is a  3rd year Political Science major from Fontana, California, who hopes to attend law school in the future. Some of her identities are being first-gen, low-income, undocumented, and queer. During her time at UCSB, she has been involved in various organizations in which she has advocated for equity and justice. She also enjoys listening to music, spending time with her cats and boyfriend, and finding new foods. 


First-Gen Advice

Take up space. You are here for a reason and have a whole community behind you; that being said, a community can start with me or you, and I will always be rooting for you. Also, use up those resources, they are there to serve you.