Joanna Tian

Peer Mentor



Psychological & Brain Sciences


Campus Involvements

Social Media & Marketing Director of Investment Connection Club



Joanna is a first generation, low-income transfer student in senior standing (second year transfer) majoring in Psychological and Brain Sciences. Originally from Los Angeles, CA,  Joanna was inspired to be involved on campus after her first quarter of rough transition in hopes to help others find home in UCSB. During her free time, Joanna enjoys cooking, watching dramas, and ocean gazing. Joanna is excited to be a part of the OSC family and cannot wait to meet others in the UCSB community!


First-Gen Advice

Welcome to the new adventure of your life! Step out of your comfort zone and embrace the new community, people, and most importantly, the new you. We are all here to support each other, so don't hesitate to connect with others!