Echo Dieu

Peer Mentor (2021-2022)
Lead Peer Mentor (2022-2023)


Major and Minor

Communication and Chinese Double Major

Technology Management Program


Campus Involvements

CLAS Writing Tutor, TMP Program, Logistics Officers for SB Hacks and SB Creative Lab, The Bottom Line



Echo is a first-generation student from Rosemead, CA majoring in Communication and Chinese pursuing the Technology Management Certification. While at UCSB, she has participated in many events and organizations around campus and hopes to encourage other first-generation students to do the same. Echo enjoys playing board games and cooking with friends during her free time!


First-Gen Advice

When you're trying to join clubs and events during your first year here, you might find that you don't feel welcomed or that you haven't met people you clicked with - don't let that discourage you! UCSB has so many organizations and students yet to be explored. Keep putting yoursel fout there, and you might find some of the best people in your life to keep you company during your college years.