Professor After Hours: Dr. Kimberly Tanner

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Monday, November 2, 2020 - 5:00pm

Engage in lively conversations with renowned faculty. Learn about their research and college experiences as they candidly share the ups and downs and life lessons they have learned.

Introducing: Dr. Kimberly Tanner, Professor of Biology & Director of SEPAL - SFS

Kimberly Tanner, PhD, is a Professor of Biology at SFSU and the Director of SEPAL. Her research group, SEPAL: The Science Education Partnership and Assessment Laboratory, is interested in how people learn science, especially biology, and how teachers and scientists can collaborate to make science teaching and learning in classrooms more like how scientists work. SEPAL researchers are studying a variety of issues in biology education and science education, with a special emphasis on developing novel assessment tools to better understand how people from children to practicing scientists conceptualize the biological and physical world.

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Professor After Hours: Dr. Kimberly Tanner