Table Talk: Faculty Student Mentoring Program

Application coming soon.

This is an opportunity to develop relationships with professors who help make UCSB a world-class institution. We know that positive faculty-student interactions contribute to student academic success and we want to give you that opportunity with free dinner! We have three incredible professors who will be our mentors for the Fall quarter. Stay tuned for more information about applications!

Flyer with information about Table Talk event at the ONDAS Student Center

Faculty Bios:

Dr. Joseph Blankholm (Religious Studies): Dr. Blankholm's research focuses on atheism and secularism, primarily in the United States, showing how the boundaries between secular, spiritual, and religious have shifted over time and how these shifts impact the ways we think about religion. Most recently, he published on religious indifference, nonbeliever organizations, secularist lobbying, and the complex entanglements of secularism and humanism. 
Dr. Francisco Lomeli (Chican@ Studies): Dr. Lomeil's research interests include Literary history, Chicano Literature (particularly narrative theory), New Mexico Studies, Latin American Literature (particularly novel and regional studies on Central America, Mexico, Chile)
Dr. Richard Wittman (Art History): Dr. Wittman specializes in the cultural history of architecture and town planning in seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century Europe. His primary interest lies in the emergence of modern configurations of space, society, and publicness, which he approaches through the history of architectural theory, criticism, and public discourse; the emergence of the modern public; and the evolution of architectural patronage in changing political contexts.